Entourage Effect - Breathable - 1g THC Vape Cartridge (Black Lime, Delta 8, CBG)

UPC: 682541942492

Category: THC Cartridges

Description: This cart has been a house favorite since its introduction. When limes are sun dried and allowed to oxidize you get a bit of a different profile. While you can definitely taste the lime, you will find a musky/earthy flavor with each puff. Genetics: Lime Afghani x Northern Lights x Purple Kush X Chemdawg Terpenes: D-Limonene, A- Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene, and others Tastes: Black Lime, Pine, Pepper, Earth

  • Chemotype: 30 % THC| 10 % CBD
  • Strain: Black Lime
  • Chemist's Note: The description of the appearance has been based off descriptions or photos of parent cultivars. May not accurately reflect current variety.