66 Roots 66 Roots- Flower- Lemon Berry Candy 4g Ground

UPC: 66Roots4gGround005

Category: Flower

Description: Lemon Berry Candy is the perfect treat for any sweet and sour lover! A cross between Lemon Skunk x LGBT, this potent strain has a sweet and sour lemon scent, followed by hints of berry and diesel. It's minty green buds are complimented with lilac hued trichomes and bright orange pistils. Terpenes to note: β-caryophyllene, terpinolene, ocimene, δ-limonene, ɑ-humulene, β-myrcene

  • Chemotype: 5.81 % THC| 0 % CBD
  • Strain: Lemonberry Candy OG
  • Chemist's Note: The description of the appearance has been based off descriptions or photos of parent cultivars. May not accurately reflect current variety.